Heng-shan creation center



The Hengshan Innovation Base is a collection for elites with high creative energy. Infinite development is the vision of the center. 1500 square meters of the floor space contains thirteen innovation-theme workshops, seven studios (where famous designers take residence), a future display hall, a multi-media briefing room, an exhibition and service center, and a rest-area for tea. This center, located in the southern part of the STU campus, is expected to be a site to fulfill dreams with art and innovation.

In order to encourage design teams to visualize their new ideas and commercialize the results of their research and development, STU arbitrates the recruitment of innovation teams and business management. In group management, enterprises are able to directly benefit from cooperation with academic research and to produce real, innovative goods for the market. As an ultimate goal, a new brand “Hengshan” wil be created to present the teaching and research results of the College of Design and to give feedback to enterprises for continuous development. 

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