Industry-Academia Cooperation Center



  STU received a three-year long project from Ministry of Education that incentivizes universities to develop regional industry-academia cooperative research in 2009. Hence, STU has established the Headquarters for Industry-Academia Collaboration (HIAC). HIAC, as the single window of university R&D, industry-academia policy enforcement, and logistics management, established new centers: Industry-Academia Cooperation Center, Intellectual Property Center, Innovation and Incubation Center, Culture Originality Digital Content, NPO Research and Development Center, Digital Art Center, College of Social-Human Sexuality Research Center, Business Research and Management Center, Information Research and Management Center, Telematics R&D Center, Digital Learning R&D Center, Cross-cultural Research and Extension Center, Hakka Culture Research and Extension Center, Cross-strait Peace Research Center, Urban and Rural Brand Management and Human Resource Development Center, and Hengshan Innovation Base.  


  HIAC's responsibilities are to strengthen the quality of academic research, to encourage teachers to carry out industry-academia cooperative projects, to integrate the related resources, and to build a superior environment for academic and applied research.  Through HIAC's strategic direction, faculty members are encouraged to acquire more practical experiences, and more industry-academia cooperative opportunities are offered in order to enhance their industrial research capability. In this way, the technical R&D skills and industry-academia service energy of our members can be fully released and can further assist the development of regional industries.


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