Shu-TeUniversityhas received the three-year long project from Ministry of Education to award universities to develop regional industry-academia cooperative research. Hence, Shu-Te has established Headquarters for Industry-Academia Collaboration (HIAC). HIAC, as the single window of university R&D, industry-academia policy enforcement, and logistics management, is integrated by current research centers.

     HIAC's responsibilities are strengthening the quality of academic research, encouraging teachers to carry out industry-academia cooperative projects, integrating the related resources, and building a superior environment for academic and applied research.  Through HIAC's strategic direction, faculty members are encouraged to acquire more practical experiences, and more industry-academia cooperative opportunities are offered in order to enhance their industrial research capability. In this way, the technical R&D skills and industry-academia service energy of our members can be fully released and further assist the development of regional industries.

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